Yours Truly Ventures Into Print Media


As evident from the activity on my blog,regular posting hasn’t been a norm here. Irrespective of the number, I still try and ensure the content here is worth the read (at least once). For all the right reasons this time, I’ve been away from the virtual world and busy contributing to a leading alcobev magazine in India (besides attending a wine dinner and dancing to Bollywood songs at a close friend’s wedding :D).
As I don the writer’s hat, I put together my thoughts and opinions,buttressed with first hand experiences,on why the Indian hospitality industry hasn’t fully embraced wines. Hotels and restaurants are such crucial interfaces for wine evangelism in the country that I couldn’t think of a better issue to address in my debut work.
Unfortunately,the complete article is available only in the print version or through subscription to the e-magazine. But you can click on the following link for a synopsis of the story
Share your feedback,refute what I’ve written or simply comment below saying nice things to show your support if you’ve already read the story.



About prateekarora

Wine marketer & communicator; food fanatic with an appetite for all the palatable things in the world Part-time guitarist too.
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