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Courtesy: Source

Courtesy: Source

If you can excuse the mild profanity in the image above, you’d agree how the humour here effectively captures wine’s intrinsic ‘classist’ or ‘elitist’ nature. At least that’s the treatment wine gets in societies where it is lesser explored and seen. Such situation presents a contrary image to the otherwise super ‘social’ drink that wine is.

Here in India, things appear to be changing fast (like in many areas) and wine finally seems to be getting more ‘socially’ accepted. Here’s a proof – the first edition of the wine social initiated by our organization, along with help from an external agency, was quickly sold out in a couple of days of the event going live on the internet.

The debut version had media and PR professionals (and also some restaurateurs) hijack the wonderful Pan Asian restaurant at Welcome Sheraton that churned out a long list of scrumptious finger food complemented by ITC’s ever so prompt service.

The agenda? Unwinding, socializing and networking over wine. Just what wine is about! Isn’t it?

A few pictures (Courtesy: Image Quotient) from the event follow with the talented photographer making me look more bearable to your eyes! 😉

Image 2 Img 3 Img 4 Img 5

While alcohol in India is yet to fully come out of the closet, it is wine that is making its own space with more and more people taking to this beautiful beverage. As an eager beaver, I half-sit waiting as wine transcends the realms of the elitist glass pyramid and truly becomes a social drink. In that hope, let’s raise a glass, or two!


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