Enjoying Wine at Home : Five Easy Tips to Get Started

I am often asked by friends and acquaintances if wine is an expensive pursuit. Expensive being relative, I always encourage them to stock up on basic ware before they jump to any conclusions.

So here are 5 things you need to do at home to enjoy drinking wine, just like you would do in a hotel or restaurant.

Stock up on Glasses

Duh, that’s obvious, you may say. But wine glasses are a bit special in how they look. We wine professionals call them stemware. Why? Simply because all wine glasses come with a thin, long stem needed for all practical, and in some cases, cosmetic reasons. This is one cool image which perhaps covers all different shapes and sizes that you are likely to come across.

Promise us, you won’t use your fine, Bohemian crystal meant for your Lagavulin 16, ever again for a glass of wine. Okay, still confused? You might wanna watch our debut video to get started. Click here

Buy a Corkscrew/ Waiter’s Friend

How you wish you had it all easy with opening a wine bottle; isn’t it?

The corkscrew is one of the simplest yet most effective inventions by mankind. Buy one and see how simple mechanics enhance your bottle opening experience! For those in mood for some adventure – your old Oxfords might come in handy but hey, we never told you that! Have a look at this video for some inspiration.

File:Limonadier (Tire Bouchon).JPG

Natural corks are being replaced by screwcaps in many parts of the world. A request to my winemaker friends reading this – you might take away a few faults in wine by using screwcaps, but please don’t take away the romance of opening a wine bottle by using a corkscrew!

Invest in a Decanter

A decanter is one of those basic wine accessories that many of us wait to invest in, maybe because we think of it as a special apparatus meant for the best wines. Think of it like a big vessel/ jug that not only helps wine breathe but also keeps away extra sediment from being poured in a wine glass. Keeping practical reasons aside, it looks very cool too.

It’s not only your old Barolos and Bordeaux first growths that deserve some oxygen but also young wines that must be decanted before they reveal their complexity.

A simple decanter like the one below from Riedel is ideal to be used whenever you are hosting your next home party.

 Riedel Decanter


Use a Wine Aerator Pourer

This one is a no brainer – it’s all in the name!  Pour in style while the wine gets some fresh air. So what you leave behind is a good impression than wine drops that drip shabbily onto the label.

Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

Build a Dungeon

Relax. We are not putting non wine drinkers here.

If you have the luxury of space and are willing to ensure fair treatment to your wine beauties, try to create a space with a dungeon like conditions.

Find a corner of your house that is away from direct sunlight and extreme temperature variations. If you live in a tropical country like India, please save your wines from getting “cooked” in summers and find a permanent air conditioning facility that can maintain temperatures all year long.

You’ll be surprised to know that houses in France still have with what they call a ‘cave’, an underground cellar dug deep enough for wines to rest and age with grace!


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